Steve's Real Food Chicken Diet Frozen Raw Food

$ 89.99

Steve’s  free range, vegetarian fed Chicken is high in the trace mineral selenium, which acts as an antioxidant to fight free radicals and is believed to help with arthritis, the cardiovascular system, and allergies.  The raw meat chicken diet has a mid range fat content and a high level of protein, making it a good option for high-energy dogs.

One of the differences between Steve’s and other raw meat diets is our meat-to-veggie ratio. We keep our meat-to-produce ratio at 80%/20% in order to give your pet the functional foods that provide both protein and all the essential vitamins and minerals that help fight diseases and promote strong bones, muscles and organ function.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein:11.10% minimum

  • Fat:10.50% minimum

  • Fiber: 0.09% maximum

  • Moisture: 74.20% maximum




BARF DIET: Ground Chicken, Raw Ground Chicken Bone, Chicken Livers, Broccoli, Chicken Gizzards, Carrots, Romaine Lettuce, Cantaloupe, Red and Green Peppers, Raw Goat’s Milk, Flaxseed, Dried Kelp, Cod Liver Oil, Coconut Oil, Inulin, Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt, Mixed Tocopherols, Eggshell Membrane, Taurine, Dicalcium PhosphatePREY DIET: Chicken, Chicken Frames, Chicken Livers, Chicken Gizzards, Goat Milk, Flaxseed, Kelp, Cod Liver Oil, Inulin, Coconut Oil, Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt, Mixed Tocopherols, Dicalcium Phosphate, Eggshell Membrane

Steve’s Real Food uses only 100% natural, human quality ingredients. You may find that natural colors, smells, and textures may vary as abnormal weather and seasonal changes can affect fruit and vegetable harvests. Although the products may look slightly different, please be assured that we maintain strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process.