We Are Planting Trees!

We Are Planting Trees!

We Are Planting Trees!

Well, we aren’t planting trees ourselves but we are working with a great organization that will plant the trees for us.

At Green Tails Market we are always looking for ways to be more sustainable but there are times it's difficult to do because a lot of the high quality pet products we sell are only offered in single use plastic bags and there aren't many good alternatives. There are some companies that offer recycling programs but they are still making virgin plastic bags instead of using recycled materials.

So one way we can be more sustainable is to give back to the environment by taking a percentage of the money we make from the sale of these products and give it to organizations that are helping the planet. The organization that we felt is doing wonderful work for the environment is One Tree Planted. Their goal is to restore damaged ecosystems, stabilize soil, and support the water cycle by growing trees. One Tree Planted Is an environmental charity that will plant one tree somewhere Around the World for every one dollar that is donated.

Beginning in July of 2022 Green Tails Market has begun to donate $1 to One Tree Planted for every 100 pounds of dog & cat food that we sell each month. We typically sell enough food in one month to plant 50 trees.

Planting trees helps improve the quality of the air, it can help pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and it helps filter the water we drink. But trees also provide functional purposes for your home like shade from the sun or adding beauty to a landscape. And planting trees is also a great way to memorialize a beloved pet that has passed.

While we are thrilled to be able to give back to the planet with a donation to One Tree Planted we will continue to search for and sell dog & cat supplies that are sustainable in some manner. Everyday more and more eco-friendly dog and cat supplies are coming out and as long as they meet our high quality standards and are useful products for our customers then we will be sure to sell them in our store. For example, we recently started selling liquid dog shampoo that's in aluminum cans instead of plastic containers and Wondercide shampoo bars that don't need a container at all.

Planting a tree is something simple that we can all do to make the earth a cleaner and safer place to live (if you do plant a tree be sure to plant one that native to your area). Even if you aren't able to plant a tree yourself you can still donate to great organizations like One Tree Planted to help make a difference in our world. Be sure to stop in to our store in Farmington or order online for free delivery and help us help the planet by planting trees. For more information about One Tree Planted please visit their website at OneTreePlanted.org.