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Cooked Dog Food Delivery

Green Tails Market is happy to offer a great new option for our customers looking for an alternative to the online brands like The Farmer's Dog or the highly processed dog foods in a bag/can but would prefer not to feed a raw dog food diet. These foods are also great for pet owners looking for a home cooked solution without the hassle of cooking it yourself, plus the added benefit of making sure that the food is completely balanced.

My Perfect Pet, All Provide, and Smallbatch products are packed with goodness of whole foods and concentrated nutrients. They formulate restaurant ­quality blends that meet all nutritional requirements for dogs or cats and are as delicious as they are good for your pet.

Compared to the cost of a brand like The Farmer's Dog, which is about $9/day for a 50lb dog, All Provide is less expensive at about $6.60 per day.

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