Mika & Sammy’s Gourmet Pet Treats Smoked Beef Marrow Bones

$ 11.50

100% All Natural Hardwood Smoked. Farm Raised, Grass-Fed Beef. 100% All Natural USDA Beef. 

Our smoked beef marrow bones are made with 100% natural hardwood smoke. We never cook or dehydrate our bones because it weakens the bone. Also, we NEVER use liquid smoke, mold inhibitors or any other harmful chemicals that can cause health problems for a pet. Instead we only use 100% all natural, grass fed, USDA inspected beef. But more importantly, what really separates us from our competition, is our smoking process. Derived from the old south as well as the frozen tundra of the north, our smoking technique actually services as a natural preserver for each element of the bone - the jerky on the outside, the marrow in the center & of course, the bone itself. By combining low temperatures with a slow smoke, it not only strengthens the bone but it gently infuses each bone with a delicious flavor dogs absolutely love. We promise hours of chewing satisfaction!