Kenic Emu Oil Moisturizing Pet Spray 17oz

$ 15.00
by Kenic
Type: Dog Grooming

All-Natural - No Soap - No Detergent! Emu Oil products help to keep the stratum corneum healthy and pliable, therefore protecting the epidermis and dermis. Most important it keeps the hair follicle healthy, while preserving the natural moisture of the dermis and epidermis. This is an aqueous based, ready to use spray, a daily grooming aid, to be used after and between baths. Particular attention should be paid to localized affected areas.


Inigredients:  Emu Oil Purified-Active ingredient

Water based emulsion- emulsifier

WCK 535 water base- anti-irritant

Vitamins B, D & E- preserve system

Botanical extracts-fragrance

Purified Water

**contain no oils or alcohol