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Solutions for Itchy Dogs

Dogs itch for a number of different reasons, and two common causes are dry skin and allergies. 

Dry skin can be a result of dry air or not enough omega-3 in their diet.  This can be resolved topically by using moisturizing shampoos & sprays, or internally by adding fish oil & digestive enzymes to their food.

Among other causes, allergies can be a reaction to environment or food. Itchy skin associated with allergies can be addressed by changing your pet's food (preferably to a raw or minimally processed diet) or by adding supplements that can help reduce itch and inflammation. While probiotics won't stop your dog from scratching, a solid base of good bacteria in the gut can significantly reduce and prevent allergies. 

Below are a few products that can help you solve this problem for your dog.  FREE DELIVERY with a $35 minimum purchase, or stop by at 1085 Farmington Ave in Farmington, CT.  Please call us at 860-678-7878 for more information.