Wondercide Flea & Tick Control Pets & Home Lemongrass & Cedar Spray

$ 27.50

Lab-tested to kill 100% of fleas on contact using natural ingredients. This spray kills & repels fleas, ticks & mosquitoes. For use on dogs, cats & home interiors. It's a preventative & treatment, depending on how you use it. 16 oz treats 3-4 pets per month, based on local pest pressure & usage. 32 oz treats 400 sq ft indoors.


Wondercide's natural flea, tick & mosquito control spray for pets + home is naturally formulated as a curiously effective, non-toxic alternative to chemical pesticides for use on dogs, cats & home interiors. It's a preventative and treatment, depending on how you use it: all in one safe, effective spray.

This spray kills pests like fleas and ticks on contact and prevents them from hitching a ride on your pet when you go on walks or to the park. It kills every stage of the insect life cycle: egg, larvae, pupae and adults. Other natural and chemical based products don’t.


Pets + Home also stops itching and scratching, comforts dry skin, leaves pets' coats shiny, and eliminates mange. It does not stain pets, furniture or flooring, and it’s non-toxic.


Great for dogs AND cats! There is no need to buy multiple products for dogs and cats of different sizes and breeds. Pets + Home is also designed for use inside your home and can safely be sprayed on bedding, upholstery, furniture, and flooring. It can also be used with a compression sprayer or inside a ULV Non-Thermal Fogger for full home treatment. When you introduce any new products, we always recommend testing prior to full use. Check for sensitivities before full application on pets and test specialty fabrics before treating your home.