Acana Cat Senior Entree

$ 20.50
by Acana
Type: Dry Cat Food

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Specially crafted with for your senior cat, our ACANA™ Senior Entrée Recipe is uniquely suited to meet the needs of your mature feline. Rich with 65% quality animal ingredients* including free-run** chicken and turkey, Senior Entrée has the animal protein your mature cat needs to be their best. This nutrient-dense recipe also helps support key health benefits for your senior cat, including digestive health, healthy heart & eyes, and joint health. Nurture your mature feline as they age with a recipe tailored to keep them healthy and happy with ACANA Senior Entrée!


  • Rich with 65% quality animal ingredients* like free-run** chicken and turkey.
  • High quality protein, fiber and a probiotic blend help support your mature cat’s digestive health.
  • Taurine, EPA & DHA are essential nutrients to help maintain your senior cat’s eye and heart health.
  • Supports joint health for senior cats with Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil.
  • Crafted in the USA with the world’s best ingredients.