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Grain Inclusive Dog Foods

Recently many vets have recommended their patients switch from grain-free to a grain inclusive food. We firmly believe that there isn't one food that meets every dog's needs, and our highest priority is to help you find options that work best for you and your furry family member. 

Below you will find foods that allow your dog to thrive with superior ingredients and high quality grains like millet, rice, oats, & barley. These foods don't contain inferior GMO grains like corn, wheat, and soy which are common allergens for dogs and can also be more difficult for them to digest (don't even get us started on mycotoxins).

At Green Tails Market we recommend rotating foods, which means buying a different brand every time you buy a bag. Or better yet, minimize carbs by feeding a frozen raw or cooked food to your furry friend. We offer FREE DELIVERY with a $35 minimum purchase, or stop by at 1085 Farmington Ave in Farmington, CT.