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Self Serve Dog Wash is OPEN!

It took us a while but our brand new self-serve dog wash is now open.  All you need is a dirty dog and we supply the rest.  The tub is large enough enough to fit any dog.  We supply the shampoo, an apron, the brushes, a towel and a professional grooming dryer and it's only $14 for a half hour wash (most dogs don't even need that long).

Since our store was once a restaurant it had 2 restrooms so we converted one of the restrooms to the dog wash tub area and the other restroom is used as the drying area.  The tub surround was built out of a very large reclaimed wood pallet that was sitting in our parking lot from when the building was re-sided.

The tub is at about 30 inches high so you don't need to bend over like you would in your own tub plus we do all the cleaning up afterwards.

So bring your dirty dog down to Green Tails Market pet supply store and get him or her nice and clean.  

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