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Orange Fluffball Still Going Strong

Orange Fluffball Still Going Strong
The thing about squeaky dog toys is that many dogs (mine included) are apparently convinced that bad things will happen if the squeaker buried inside the toy isn’t immediately removed. Whether they think it’s actually a chipmunk or a bird in there, or are just really curious, lots of dogs just won’t stop until they see that little piece of plastic.

Because of this, I’ve essentially stopped buying squeaky toys for Roxy and Stuey, my little brown rescue dogs. It’s not only wasteful to see all that fluff and fabric get thrown away, it’s also no fun at all to keep finding little bits of fuzz weeks after the carnage.

So when Ann suggested we review the Go Dog toy “with Chew Guard Technology,” I was a bit hesitant, since I figured this would not end well. But here we are, two whole days later, and the big orange fluff ball is still in one piece. Roxy did that creepy thing where she grabbed it and shook it back and forth, as if to break its neck. Stuey was fascinated by the tag (which is strangely still attached) but neither was able to rip the plush toy, and the squeaker, at least for now, is still inside.

The dogs might disagree, but the success of a squeaky toy, in my book, is equal parts interest and durability.

I can’t make any promises about the long-term longevity of this toy, but since 48 hours of mostly rain and awful humidity (meaning bored dogs stuck inside the house) have passed, we may have a winner.
Product Description:
GoDog Furballz Chew Guard Dog Toy is cute, rugged and made for hour after hour of chewing fun. This sturdy toy features an integrated squeaker dogs go crazy for and a round shape that’s great for throwing and retrieving. It is made using proprietary Chew Guard Technology, a manufacturing process that adds a super strong, durable liner to the soft long-pile plush fabric, specifically engineered to withstand tough play. In addition, all seams are double stitched and reinforced to ensure your toy lasts longer. It’s soft, adorable and built to survive the most rigorous chewing.
GoDog Furballz are available at Green Tails Market in 3 colors and in 2 sizes.  Please visit this link to purchase one for your dog today.

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