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No Rawhide Blog

To a non-dog owner, the array of Things For Dogs To Chew for sale in our shop might seem over the top. We have bully sticks in several lengths, widths and varieties. We’ve got sturdy plush toys, chew toys inside which you hide treats or peanut butter, elk antlers, pig ears, water buffalo horns, cow feet, and turkey necks. And I’m not even done yet.

Back in the days of Gravy Train dog food, dog owners simply gave their pups rawhide bones on which to chew. But now that we know better, we do better.

We now know that these rawhide chews, often made in China, can be soaked in chemicals such as arsenic, formaldehyde, and hydrogen peroxide.

And it’s not just the chemicals that pose a risk to our dogs (although sodium sulphide liming, carcinogen FD&C Red 40, and sodium benzoate are nothing to sneeze at.) We also now know that for serious chewers, pieces of rawhide can be swallowed: They’re not easily digestible and can be a choking hazard.

With so many news stories and studies telling us what’s in and what’s out for dogs, it can be a challenge to determine what’s real and what’s “fake news.” Our advice: Read the ingredients, avoid products from China, and always keep an eye on your dog as he chews.