The Two-Fur Bundle

$ 48.00 Regular price $ 60.00

Get 2 Curly Bully Sticks, 2 Earth Animal No-Hide Chews, 2 Extra Long Beef Jerky's, and 2 packages of treats for only $48.  The items retail for over $60 when bought individually which is a savings of 20%. Plus Free Delivery.

Our Tail Wagging Bundles are full of some of our most popular treats and chews so you can feel confident that your pup will love each and every item in the box.

The chews are meant to provide long lasting enjoyment but they also have the side benefit of helping to clean teeth.

We've included 2 different types of treats, one is a 14oz box of crunchy cheese biscuits and the other is a 1.5oz bag of soft freeze-dried treats.

The Two Fur Bundle is great  for medium to large dogs.

You can find out more about each item by clicking on the below links.

The box includes:

Two Curly Bully Sticks

One 7" Earth Animal Beef No-Hide Chew & One 7" Salmon No-Hide Chew

Two 12" Beef Jerky

One Box of Bocce's Cheese Treats

One Bag of Orijen Freeze-Dried Tundra Treats

Great tasting treats & chews that even picky dogs will love!