Super Snouts Phyto-300 Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture 30mL

$ 50.00


Veterinarian  Formulated and Recommended :: Non Detectable THC :: USDA Certified Organic :: USA Farmed Hemp :: Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil :: GMO Free \n \nPERFECT FOR MAINTENANCE SUPPORT OF NORMAL DISPOSITION AND HELP WITH THE EASE OF DISCOMFORT FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE DOGS 

Is your pet experiencing natural nervousness or hyperactivity? Does your best friend appear to be restless or unable to enjoy their nighttime sleep? \n \nPHYTO-300 Hemp Oil Tincture Benefits: 

  • Support of your best friend’s normal disposition and emotional balance
  • Aids in reducing occasional nausea due to environmental stress
  • Promote the ease of general discomfort

Ages: 9-12mos+ 

Perfect for medium to large dogs who experience natural nervousness and / or hyperactivity or may be experiencing normal discomfort. May be used as a daily supplement for your best friend who does not yet experience visible discomfort - keep their emotional balance as healthy as possible with a daily dose of CBD Phyto Oils!

Suggested Use: Give 1/4 dropper full for every 25lbs of body weight twice daily. Should be administered orally and outside of feeding time for best absorption. Amount given may be adjusted up or down.

Always consult with your Veterinarian before giving supplements to your pet.

Active ingredients per dropper full (1ml): Naturally Occurring CBD from Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract...10mg

Inactive ingredients: Certified Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil