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Kure Chicken Bone Broth with fermented ginger

$ 7.50



Chicken bone broth, ginger, whey, salt.


  • Advanced Nutritional Booster
  • Add bone broth to any meal
  • Great for digestion


Nutrient Dense Raw Food

  • Healthy bone broth
  • Pasture-raised free-range chickens
  • Fresh raw fermented organic ginger root as a superfood aid
  • First-of-a-kind pet food product
  • Superb source of live, naturally occurring enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids
  • Rich in collagen, minerals and other widely functional nutrients
  • Superior concentrated source of omega-3s in wholefood form

Best Way to Serve
Serve at room temperature or as a frozen treat. To receive

the maximum benefits of nutrients warming or heating is

not recommended.