Himalayan Pet Supply Happy Teeth with Charcoal 12oz

$ 29.00
Type: Dog Treats

Treat your dog once a day for oral health and wellness.
Reduces plaque and tartar buildup.
100% natural and easily digestible.
No artificial flavors or binding agents.
A crunchy treat for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Happy Teeth is distinctive blend of cheese and activated charcoal, supporting your dog’s overall dental health. These once-a-day chews have a loofah like texture to scrub teeth and gums while reducing tartar and plaque buildup. The activated charcoal naturally freshens breath and whitens teeth. Gentle on Dental is made with the same Himalayan recipe providing your pup with savory cheese goodness, no medicinal smell or taste. Feed 2 hours before or after any meal.

Ingredients: Rice powder, cheese, coconut powder, vinegar, activated charcoal.