Fur Every Home Lavender Paw Balm Candle

$ 23.00

Luxurious Lavender is your go-to choice for relaxation benefits! It is infused with a combination of Clary Sage, Rosemary, and Lavandin essential oils.

When a Paw Balm Candle burns, the wax melts into a warm liquid paw balm-filled with coconut oil and vitamins to help restore hydration to paw pads.
Paw pads that are overly dry are more likely to crack and cause injury/infection. Hydrated pads with a healthy balance will become more flexible, allowing the paws to have a better grip on surfaces. Owners can also enjoy the nourishing benefits of the balm as a lotion for their hands!

Benefits of this scent:

  • -Anxiety relief: Lavandin, Rosemary, and Clary Sage Oils have calming properties which are known to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • -Antiseptic Uses: Lavandin oil has certain compounds which contribute to its antiseptic properties. It may protect wounds, prevent infections, and soothe irritation. 
  • -Lavandin oil is beneficial for circulatory, inflammation, and respiratory conditions. It is also thought to be helpful in fighting germs.


HOW TO USE: Simply light your candle and burn until a liquid layer fills the top surface of the candle. This wax burns at a lower temperature than the average candle, so once you blow out the flame, it is safe to touch. Dip fingers into balm, and apply to paws. Owners can also use the nourishing benefits of the balm for their hands as a hand lotion!


 Why Fur Every Home Paw Balm Candles are a fantastic choice for you, your home, and your pup:

-Balm is non-greasy, maintains a healthy balance to paw pads, hydrates, and protects.

-Fresh smelling home & paws!

-Owner can enjoy candle scent and even use balm as a lotion for hands!

-Burn time ~ 40 hours