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Bravo Salmon Freeze Dried Dog Treats 2oz

$ 14.00

The quality and nutritional value of the treats you give your dog is just as important as the quality of the food you feed. Typical treats are loaded with grains and full of flavorings and artificial preservatives. So it’s good to know that Bravo Bonus Bites are 100% grain free and made entirely from all natural muscle meat, poultry muscle protein, fish muscle protein or organs, which means they are a natural source of good protein. Plus, they never contain any grains, fillers, flavorings or preservatives.


  • Made entirely from all natural salmon

  • Raised without added hormones*

  • No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors

  • 100% grain and gluten free

  • Naturally high in protein and low in fat

  • Made in the USA by a family-owned company

  • Freeze dried for freshness, convenience and flavor

  • Tested for food safety before shipping


Ingredients - Salmon.


Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 75%

Carbohydrates 5%

Fat 1%

Moisture 5%


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